La Val Mar Management

When it comes to farm management, we’ve got over 60 years of experience.

Chester, Marie, Jeanne, Johnny & papa. Saugus, 1936

Chester, Marie, Jeanne, Johnny & Papa -Saugus, 1936

Our family came to this area back in the 1940’s, with a vision of making a better life and utilizing the amazing ground we still farm on today. John and Chester Valpredo were two of the earliest pioneers and their imprint is still a part of our daily operations, where water, sunshine and hard work all blend together to help make this the most productive farm land anywhere in the world.

In the 1980’s Don Valpredo took the next step in forging ahead with the diversity of crops—and continued this mantra through the coming decades of transition within the agriculture industry. His partners Enrique and Catalino “Tito” Martinez brought their expertise, oversight and excitement in helping grow and manage new crops and innovations to the daily grind of farming their ground.

Through the early 2000’s our team integrated organic farming practices, as they transitioned ground for this new frontier. Eventually, in 2006, Michael Valpredo joined forces with Don, Rick and Tito, and help form Country Sweet Produce, whereby we could now vertically integrate and put our name to much of what we grow.

Today, much of our farm is dedicated to bringing the items we specialize in to our customers—as the seasonal specialties of our area help distinguish what we do unlike anywhere else!